Sunday, May 12, 2013

Does Personal Appearance Really Matter?

The times are changing

We are now well into the 21st century and there is greater diversity in personal appearance almost everywhere every year. So when I ask the question "does personal appearance really matter?" I know I need to be specific: does it matter period? Does it matter to me? Does it matter to the people I clean windows and provide other services for?
Of course, I have my personal opinions. However, in this installation, I am most concerned with both the deepest impressions that are left upon my customers and the way I or any employees that I may have fit into the 'culture' I endeavor to bring to residential and storefront doors. 

Business owners need to care about their team's appearance

I really liked this post from a thread in a forum I often visit- Window Cleaning Resource "The customer sets the bar for acceptable appearance....." That really represents something I take seriously. And while I admittedly operate partly on assumptions of what my customers care about, I truly do believe that my target market appreciates neat, clean-cut, and conservative. Short of conducting a survey after the service, I think the true perceptions of my clients are reflected in their readiness to have me back again to walk from room to room in their homes to get to their windows, and their willingness to refer me to their friends. This is providing that the quality was top-notch. I guarantee quality and become very concerned when it comes into question.

So, I'll reveal this: I don't really think that neatly-groomed, uniformed service persons without tattoos and body piercings are necessarily more capable of providing quality results than those with less conservative appearances. However, I choose to present myself and my crew on the conservative side. I think over time it gives me a bit of an edge, even if it can't be put into words, over service companies with a more 'relaxed' approach.

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