Monday, April 29, 2013

What Is More Important?

I have come to realize there is a regular need to remind myself, as I'm servicing people's homes, of what is more important. To be more specific, is what my customer expects from me, what I want out of my job, or what I think the customer needs the most important issue requiring my thoughts and energies. 

From a completely practical standpoint a service business owner should want prospects to seek him out. Generally speaking, one seeks out a luxury service, such as residential window cleaning or power washing, either for pleasure and pride or to alleviate the hassle or pressure of doing it oneself.  

So back to the question- "what is more important?"- it is what my customer wants from me and additionally how I can take care of that. After 27 years, I realize that adequately providing for my family is the main goal on my side of the coin and that merely deriving enjoyment or some self-fulfillment is secondary. Still, it goes right along with my personality to love making people happy. In this case, it's 'icing on the cake'. 

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