Sunday, April 17, 2022

Affordable Window Cleaners- They Do Exist!

 What Does Affordable Mean to You?

Paying for professional window cleaning can be viewed with joy or it can be viewed as a somewhat painful but necessary expenditure. On the far ends of the opinion spectrum, it can also be no big deal or out of the question due to the 'outrageous' prices professionals ask for. 
As with most anything, of course, the idea of affordable varies among those who are paying. Residential window cleaning costs are considered by some to be no real financial strain and a reasonable part of a maintenance program. Many others view it as an occasional treat to themselves or an 'expensive' yet important outlay of money to have a pleasing experience viewing the beautiful outdoors of northeastern Pennsylvania. Whatever the case, paying for a professional window cleaner should yield positive results.

Consider the Value, Not Just the Cost!

I can't define value for you and you can't define value for me. Still, something to consider is what you will gain when hiring a professional window cleaner- that is if realistically, you cannot handle the task safely or effectively on your own. You will gain significant time to focus on something else you need to do or are more confident you can do. Let's say you are having some friends and family over to your home for a once-in-a-lifetime weekend. They are important to you and you may want to impress them or, better yet, make everything about their stay pleasant. A clean house, clean and pretty surroundings, and of course clean windows, are likely going to be high on your to-do list. You are already a bit stressed trying to make everything just right in the finite time left. Tackling the potentially time-consuming and tricky task of getting all your windows cleaned, and cleaned well, may be overwhelming and a cause of stress. The cost to hire a professional may easily be worth it when considering the value of cutting out the stress and large chunk of time. Almost everything in life is a trade-off and your choice can be your win. 
Another thought on value: You may like to go to your favorite restaurant as often as you can. It's not a cheap outing, but the enjoyment of the meal and the company, and also the fact that you can talk about it regularly with friends is of high value- a value that outweighs the cost. If you love clean windows, you may rank this as a treat you are more than happy to spend some money for. 
In fairness, going with a more frugal choice may be good enough for many homeowners. Many use store-bought products that promise professional results with little effort. An earlier article I wrote touches on this option. Some professional window cleaners promote their service based on price and are willing to beat the competition. Is it a risk to go with price alone? You truly won't know unless you make that choice. 

Think Long-term as well

Your property, whether you own or rent it, is where you spend quality time. The difference between looking out dirty windows or clean windows is not to be minimized. And I am not even close to one of those companies that focuses on ringing alarms in your head about how your windows and your life will be ruined if you don't hire us, and hire us today. It is true, though, that over time uncleaned or poorly cleaned windows will literally suffer and not look quite perfect anymore, even with a good cleaning. So yes, maintenance is a really good idea. Many of my customers simply add yearly window cleaning or several window cleanings each year into their budget. This plan should truly reveal if professional window cleaning is affordable. 

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Friday, April 1, 2022

Cleaning Windows With a Pole, Ladder, or Garden Hose?

What Do the Professionals Use?

There are all types of ways to attempt to clean windows, and not surprisingly they yield a wide variety of results. While some may be satisfied with the general removal of dirt and grime, others are very keen on having spotless, sparkling windows. This post will focus on cleaning hard-to-reach windows, inside or out. Professional window cleaners also do not automatically agree on the best tools or methods for complicated window cleaning. I have been cleaning windows professionally for a very long time and have been active on forums and social networks as well as at industry events. Let me tell you there are many valid ways to clean difficult-to-reach windows. 

Extension Poles

There are many brands of extension poles and also many professional window cleaners who utilize them as their go-to tool for tough windows. The popularity of high-quality material, such as carbon fiber, has made it even easier to attain good results without being 'nose to glass' as many pros would say. Accessories are also available to give them an added advantage in getting to the bottom of deep ledges and navigating obstacles directly in the way of a straight shot at the glass. I have quite a bit of experience using extension poles and use them often when I feel this is feasible and expedient. Sometimes the conditions dictate using another means. Those conditions necessitating other methods include windows with residue or staining that can't be removed easily or at all by using a scrubbing device attached to a pole; also windows that have obstacles in front of them that can't be navigated with a pole. Still, under ideal or very good conditions, it is fairly simple to attain good results with the use of a pole from the safety of the ground. 

Water Fed Poles

Water-fed poles have gained enormous popularity around the world in the last decade or two. I started using one as a regular thing in 2009 and haven't looked back. While they are not the answer for every single window cleaning circumstance, they are truly a boon to many thousands of professional window washers. When used properly in conjunction with a water purification system, water-fed poles provide extremely good cleaning results, often better than with traditional hand tools and virtually always better than a homeowner spraying apparatus. They are a very safe alternative to being on a ladder and walking on roofs, some of which are pretty steep. 

With the homeowner's permission, I took this picture from inside on the second floor. I've applied my cleaning solution to the inside of the glass and my employee is way down below, clear of rough terrain perfectly cleaning a window about 9' above me and about 25' from the ground with a water-fed pole using pure water. I could go on extolling the value of using a water-fed pole for delivering perfectly pure water to clean glass, but that can be for another post. 


Would I be correct to say that most people dread getting on ladders? Probably! Some enjoy ladders, including me. It's still not my first choice, but I'm fine as long as the setup is safe. One obvious benefit of laddering up to a window you need to clean is that you can clearly see what you're doing and can carry many necessary items on a tool belt. This will remove the guesswork of whether there are smears or spots that you left on the glass. You also have a fair range of area that you can clean safely; up, down, right, and left. 
On the other hand, working at heights is not for everyone. If you are really scared to work at heights it is best to avoid it if at all possible, as it can mess with your focus. Additionally, setting up a ladder safely is a discipline in itself and not to be ignored by any means. There is the issue of solid footing, lateral stability, safe angle for working, and possibly pedestrian and traffic safety. Ladder usage is a tried and true way to clean windows well, but certainly a serious responsibility for the user. 

Garden Hose

How about spraying dirty windows with a garden hose? Many feel this is adequate to make windows look cleaner and get the dirt and grime off the glass. While spraying gravity-fed, well, or municipal water on windows with loose dust or dirt can help in getting them clearer, it is unlikely that the windows will look as good as they can look. There will almost surely be water spots left on the glass.  The water pressure coming out of a garden hose won't really help remove greasy spots or baked-on contaminants. Even high-pressure water from a power washer is no substitute for a good cleaning agent to break up oily deposits or using some type of accessory to agitate tough contaminants. Excessive high pressure will just do damage to a window. Also, spider webs are not easily removed with merely a spray of water. There are some products on the market that claim to turn your garden hose into a window cleaning powerhouse for first and second-floor applications. These products, which connect to an incoming and outgoing garden hose, contain a formula that promises to thoroughly clean glass and perhaps even siding, leaving them sparkling and spot-free. Specific directions are given on how to use it and at what temperatures it will be effective, as well as a few disclaimers. Full disclosure, I have never tried this type of product; partly because I have my tried and true methods and partly because I don't believe it will consistently live up to its claim. It would be good to simply read plenty of reviews about such products. It can't be denied that if this works it would be a game-changer due to its ease of use and money and time-saving factors over scheduling a professional to clean your windows. But that is for each individual to decide.

How Much is it Worth to Have Really Clean Windows?

To conclude, getting your windows amazingly clean is going to cost you something. It will cost you at the least a modest amount of money for suitable products and tools, some of your time depending on the size and difficulty of the job, and an expenditure of energy, possibly labor-intensive.
There is also an option that would cost money, but no significant personal time or energy, to get yourself some beautifully clean windows. That would be having a professional take care of it for you. 

Dan Wagner Window Cleaning serves homes and businesses in the Scranton, Carbondale, and Honesdale areas, and has for 36 years. If you'd like to save time and energy, we are the affordable window cleaning company to call. 

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Friday, March 4, 2022

What Is The Best Window Cleaning Product?

 Is Windex the Best Window Cleaning Product?

There are many store-bought and homemade choices

I happen to own and run a professional window cleaning company based out of Honesdale, Pennsylvania
In my 3+ decades in this line of service, I have been asked by countless people who see me at a storefront, as well as homeowners if I use Windex. I don't personally, but that doesn't mean I dislike that extremely popular window washing solution. I have used it. When I first started out, I tried just about anything that looked promising or that people suggested. At least I obtained some good overall experience! One thing I have learned is that there is no single ready-to-use window cleaner that is perfect for any job. Most of them are decent in relatively ideal conditions, none are perfect as-is for every task. 

You need to use your knowledge and take control!

What I refer to is the fact that there are a variety of circumstances that a window cleaner has to consider to form the best 'game plan'. What has accumulated on the glass? Grease from the kitchen or exhaust fumes in a garage? Soapy or dirty water splashed from sinks? Are there smokers in the house or is wood burned in the house? Less than ideal ventilation in combination with propane heat? Dried and baked on cleaning solutions from earlier efforts to wash the windows? It goes on, but this should make clear the concept of needing to know more than just what product to use. If what is making your windows dirty is not completely dissolved and removed from the glass and hopefully the frames around it, the results will not be great, especially when certain angles of light shine on them. As I'll explain, methods and tools are just as important for getting great results.

It is best to gather your lineup of tools or just hire a professional!

Whether you choose to use an ammonia or vinegar-based window cleaning solution, or some of the relative newcomers like hydrogen peroxide or plant-based cleaners, or simply a soapy solution, you will do your best when you learn how to effectively remove what is on the window and have extra accessories to agitate the tough contaminants safely. A simple liquid cleaner and plenty of elbow grease sometimes are just not enough. For a homeowner who would like to do it himself or needs to be frugal, learning by experimenting will usually work to a reasonable degree. 
The best solution is to find an affordable professional window cleaning company in your area and let them wow you with amazing results they are able to attain from their research and hands-on experience. If you have a property with dirty glass in the Honesdale, Hawley, and Tafton areas, we would be thrilled to show you how clean your windows can be! 

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Sunday, February 27, 2022

Power Washing or Pressure Washing?

 Are Power Washing and Pressure Washing  Different?

"Pressure" Can Connote Either Effectiveness or Danger

To some, the word pressure translates to power; power that will obliterate any dirt or grime off anything. To others who may think a bit more cautiously, pressure means destroying siding, awnings, lawn furniture, and everything else it hits. It is true that pressure washing can be very effective when employed properly and in the right situations. But consider the fact that if you can draw your name on vinyl siding or a picnic table with enough pressure coming out of a nozzle with a small orifice, the potential danger of damaging property is real. 

"Power" Sounds Safer

Is power washing somehow a lighter version of pressure washing? Could it be a euphemism of sorts to divert attention to the potential danger of unbridled usage of high pressure? This article will not go deep into the technical terms that professional pressure washers use or the specifics of the tools, machines, and accessories that allow proper and safe results. As a pressure washing contractor, I've noticed that some of my colleagues use the term "non-pressure" for certain types of highly specialized tasks such as roof cleaning. This would certainly put many minds at ease if they are worried about a contractor leaving behind a scene of mayhem from property destruction. Is this term going too far?

Professional Cleaning Contractors Simply Do it the Right Way

It really comes down to semantics, in my opinion. A contractor with a machine that provides more force than spraying from a bottle or garden hose does is wielding significant power and in most applications more pressure than the aforementioned. The potential for damage must be understood, respected, and controlled. On the other hand, the potential to deliver amazing results that would require an enormous outlay of time and effort from a property owner doing it the old-fashioned way is quite an attractive proposition. There is a large array of machines, hoses, wands, and nozzles that allow a professional to clean almost anything with relative ease and achieve great results. So, power washing or pressure washing involves definite power and definite pressure, both to be respected. 

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Thursday, February 24, 2022

How Good Are Cleaning Companies at Window Cleaning?

 Is window cleaning part of ordinary cleaning?

Every aspect of cleaning is unique       

There is no question that some cleaning companies truly have a knack for many aspects of cleaning such as polishing furniture, dusting, bathrooms, attention to detail in vacuuming, and so on. Cleaning windows, at least high-visibility ones, are often part of what is expected of cleaning services. 

Window cleaning, common or specialized?

One of the long-running jokes is "I don't do windows". That often is really true among house cleaning companies or office cleaning companies. Some do offer to include window washing as part of their overall service. It is very possible for such companies to produce good results, especially when the windows are easy to access. I often offer window washing at houses where they have a professional cleaning service coming by regularly and see pretty clean windows. That is impressive. In many homes or offices, though, there are windows that are harder to access or are more than just a little dirty. This is where 'specialized' abilities or tools come into play. 

Many windows are not 'ordinary'

If access to some windows requires more than a human reach, perhaps a pole or ladder, then there could be a real issue with attaining quality results that a dedicated window cleaning company would produce.

As this picture bears out, some windows require tall ladders to be reached. Not every cleaning company has a vehicle that can carry such equipment. Many only need to use a regular car or small SUV to conduct their business successfully. Besides the mere use of ladders, safety is a very high consideration in this circumstance. Not to be forgotten is the possibility that even easy-to-reach windows may have contaminants that are very difficult to get off with a spray cleaner and a rag or mop and squeegee. When special cleaners and tools are necessary to take care of such problems, the issue probably goes beyond what a general cleaning service offers. 

Seeking help from a professional window cleaning company can be a win/win

I've found in my 3+ decades of life as a window cleaner, that knowing what I can handle and what I would best refer out is key to keeping customers happy. I have been largely unsuccessful in providing house cleaning services along with my fortes; window washing, power washing, and gutter cleaning. Likewise, I have been able to help many reputable local cleaning companies with some more difficult window cleaning needs that they would rather not take on. When professional cleaning companies work in harmony instead of tearing each other down out of fear of losing out on revenue, it almost always turns out to be a win/win. Add to that a win for the most important component- the home or business owner.

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Monday, February 21, 2022

How Long Can You Keep A Storefront Window Cleaning Account?

 Storefront window cleaner for life?

Keep your customers happy!         

Many window cleaners I know either personally or 'know' online say that storefront window cleaning is not worth pursuing as a part of one's business. They feel, perhaps from personal experience or simply from hearsay, that lowballers will always win out and this endeavor is a 'race to the bottom'. It may be the case for some contractors and more so where competiton is fierce. I have found that when you service areas that have some competition, but are not heavily saturated with window washers that you can retain customers for a very long time. I'll elaborate.

Be reasonable, flexible, and reliable

Storefront owners generally pay me to be their window cleaner as a way to make their customers' first impression a good one. Some owners love to look at their clean windows, but I would say most really want the windows cleaned so they don't have to spend time doing it themselves. For my part, I find that being reliable, and I mean RELIABLE, is extremely high on a business owner's priority list. One storefront owner in East Stroudsburg turned down a competitor of mine, because he said his current wndow cleaning service (Dan Wagner Window Cleaning), was like clockwork! The point is, don't leave your jobs to chance. Get them onto a regular schedule and stick to it yourself, like clockwork. There are times when as a window cleaner you need to be reasonable and flexible. While light rain or snow should rarely if ever affect the quality of your work, heavier precipitation and/or wind may force you to curtail the cleaning for the sake of consideration to the one paying. It has been a relatively rare need for me to do so, thankfully. At times, I have found that I need to alter the order of my daily itinerary a bit to get into restaurants early or at certain times of the day so as not to be a nuisance to a large amount of patrons. 

34 Years?

Yes, I have one storefront customer in the Stroudsburg area who has been using my services since 1988, ever since he opened. I've likely cleaned his windows between 850 and 900 times! Why? Because I have kept my pricing affordable for him,  and have been reliable and professional enough to hold my own against other window washing companies who might like to snag the account.

So, in closing, despite what some window cleaners have experienced or believe, it is possible to keep storefront window cleaning accounts for a long time. And I truly appreciate all those who have trusted me to be their window cleaner indefinitely!

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Sunday, February 6, 2022

When Is the Best Time of Year to Get Your Windows Cleaned?

 Is there a certain time, or times of the year, that are best to have your residential windows cleaned?

Early spring window cleaning
Residential window cleaning


Very good question and of course, that depends. It could depend on where you spend the most time inside looking out and what your favorite seasons are. Perhaps it's during or just prior to winter when you need a small reason to be cheery. Or if you don't have window cleaning done on a regular basis, the best time may be in preparation for an important event you are having at your residential location, such as a wedding, reception, graduation party, an aunt from Europe, etc. 

A key bit of advice is to endeavor to never let residential window cleaning go too long. Understandably, such will require your window cleaner, be it you or a window cleaning company, to expend more time and effort to make them look pristine again. Windows are also subject to a great variety of contaminants and things that dirty them sooner than you'd probably like. They can be what birds, trees, and bushes drop, dirty water or dust from nearby vehicle traffic, high winds, dripping water that may have organic matter from above, and dust or smoke from inside a home. For this reason many have decided to set up automatic cleanings for usually just the outsides every month or two. This assures them of never having to deal with the stress of getting filthy windows cleaned in time for something important. 

A special note: there are many homeowners who like to schedule a professional window cleaning shortly after the pollen season in their particular area comes to a close. I can say that for me, as professional window cleaner, this is prime time in my schedule and they openings are taken fast, sometimes a year in advance. 

Hopefully this has at least provided some valid factors to consider for when you feel it best to schedule a window cleaning

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